Eliminate Struggle, Self-Doubt and Years of Wasted Effort as You Create Money in Alignment with Your Passions

From: Stacey Mayo, aka The Dream Queen
Monday, 9:41pm

Dear Friend,

Do you have a dream but find yourself wondering if you’ll ever achieve it?

     Do you sometimes feel optimistic and hopeful about your dream…and then other times wonder what in the world possessed you to think you could do this?

     Or maybe you remember having a dream at some point in your life, but now you can’t remember what it really was?

As a fellow dreamer, I can relate.
Boy can I relate!
I've been down that road on more than one occasion.

     The good news is I’ve come out the other side to tell about it. And I can teach you what I’ve learned so that you can get there even faster than I did.

     That’s what the book I Can’t Believe I Get Paid To Do This! is all about…

Providing you the personal secrets and
road map for making your dream a reality.

“I Can’t Believe I Get PAID To Do This! is a must read for anyone who wants to succeed beyond their wildest imagination while doing something they love.”

Susan Harrow
Author of Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul

     This is a book for dreamers...dreamers with a passion in their hearts and a fire in their belly...dreamers who are searching for a way to transform their fears and obstacles so they can experience the dream they know they were put here to live.

     Chances are you’ve been called a dreamer by someone, right? (Probably by more than one “someone”.) Chances are that not everyone who called you a dreamer meant it as a compliment either, did they?

     What I’m about to show you is that, despite what you may have been told before, being a dreamer is a good thing!

  • Dreamers are visionaries.
  • They are the ones who get things done.
  • They are the ones who develop new solutions to old problems.
  • They are the ones who create their lives by design, not by chance.
  • And they are the ones who get to have a lot more fun while they pursue their passions!

     In each chapter of the award-winning book I Can’t Believe I Get Paid To Do This! you’ll experience the inspirational story of a dreamer just like you, who struggled and then broke through what held them back. Not only will these stories move you, but I’ve pulled out the key success principles from each story that when applied to your dream, will propel you to success.

     Each of these successful dreamers you’ll hear from has a lot to teach you because they are regular, everyday people who have achieved remarkable levels of personal, professional, and financial success.

They’ve been through all the same ups and downs you and I have.
They’ve struggled with all the same self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors.
And they’ve been plagued by the same self-doubt that gets to all of us.

     What’s different is that they each figured out a way to transform their fears and doubts.
They each found a way that was right for them, and then did something about it.
And they are each willing to share their story in order to help other dreamers.

 " If you want to get motivated and get in action, read these inspiring stories from people who have overcome obstacles to live out their dreams. Stacey Mayo brings together some truly captivating stories and key success lessons in one jam-packed, page-turning book.”

Jack Canfield
Co-creator of New York Times
#1 best-selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul

     Who are these dreamers? They are:

     Mary Youngblood, who as a young girl always dreamed of being on stage and being the best at something. Against all odds, in 2003, she won a Grammy award for the best Native American album. You’ll learn how she went from welfare mom to Grammy Award winner and how visualizing her dream was one key to her success.

     Stacy Allison, the first American woman to successfully climb Mt. Everest. She’s now an author, speaker, and the owner of a construction company. You’ll hear how she balances it all and the life lessons she has learned both from climbing and from an abusive first marriage.

     Loral Langemeier, a financial coach, single mom, and self-made millionaire. The birth of her child made her more – rather than less – determined to succeed. Learn how she became extremely successful while keeping her relationship with her son her top priority and how learning from the best accelerated her learning curve.

     Tom Glavine, professional ballplayer for the New York Mets and winner of MVP award. Tom had to learn pretty early in life to bounce back from failure. He learns from his mistakes, puts them behind him, and moves on to the next situation. He also has backup plans for most areas of his life. Learn how this has helped in the attainment of his goals and how he has managed to maintain success even after his family became his number one priority.

     Lisa Earle McLeod, humorist and author of Forget Perfect. Lisa got in touch with the fact that she is a very funny person and then combined that talent with her desire to help other women. She left her lucrative position at Procter & Gamble, which was never a fit for her, despite pressure from family to stay in such a “great job.” You will learn how she did it and why there is no turning back for her now.

     Stephen Pierce, an entrepreneur, Internet marketing specialist, and self-made millionaire whose formal education ended in the 10th grade. Stephen hit bottom and filed bankruptcy before finding his stride but he never gave up. You’ll discover what he did to overcome what felt like personal devastation in order to get to the top of his game.


     John Dessauer, who left his lucrative corporate job to save his broken marriage. He wanted more freedom and needed time to spend with his family. John found his niche in multi-unit real estate investing, became a multi-millionaire in just two years, mended his marriage, and once again refers to his wife as his best friend. You’ll learn what he had to overcome internally in order to make his dream possible.


     Dr. Van K. Tharp, psychologist and stock trading coach, teaches traders how to be more successful in the stock market. In this bonus section, he shows you what we as human beings do to sabotage our dreams. Even if you are very successful, you are likely to see yourself in his examples and take away great tips for shifting old behaviors and patterns.

   What will you learn from these dreamers?

     You’ll discover…

 What separates the highly (and truly) successful people from those who only dream about success (hint: It is not a trait you are born with; anyone can do it)

 How high achievers are generally not high-risk takers, contrary to popular opinion (and you’ll learn what kind of risks you should take…and when you should take them)

 Why most people who try to attain multiple streams of income are just spinning their wheels, and the little known power-secret that makes all the difference

 How your financial independence is actually dependent on other people and how to build the kind of relationships that will make your wealth sustainable, so you can enjoy your dream (and your life), long-term

 Why even when you know what to do, you often don’t do it…and how to effectively get past these self-sabotaging behaviors

After reading just a couple of chapters in your book, I felt a shift. Rather than feeling badly about my situation, I suddenly began to think about what I HAVE ... and how it might be put to use. The stories of those people's life's challenges, and how they made them work for them, really changed my thinking. It made me realize that even the brightest and best have setbacks. I thought, 'if they all persevered and became extraordinarily successful, then so shall I.

"Beautifully written, concise, to the point, no fluff or fillers, just plain good stuff. Worth every single penny, and then some...
Thank you. You have definitely produced a winner, my friend."

Denise Macgregor,


What if you could also learn:

 The 3 things you absolutely MUST have in alignment if you want to eliminate struggle and make your dream happen faster and easier

 Exactly how your ego is getting in your way - and a simple must-do trick to keep it in check

 Why even though money is compelling, it is rarely a big enough reason to keep you committed and on course. Instead you’ll find out what’s really necessary to keep you moving on your dreams

 How you are actually creating your own fear - and how to turn it around in an instant
(This may be the most valuable secret of all!)

 How you can leverage your time, knowledge and money to skyrocket to success

 The 3 most important things you can start doing right now to be successful investing in real estate or whenever you make any major life change

Get ready to start saying,
“I Can’t Believe I Get Paid To Do This!”

(or keep saying it, if you already do)

     My name is Stacey Mayo and I’m known as The Dream Queen.
I’m the Dream Queen because I help dreamers put their dreams into action, design the life they want, create true wealth, and love life along the way.

     In fact, over the last 20+ years, I’ve helped thousands– literally thousands - of dreamers pursue their passions and achieve tremendous financial success as they dream.
You could say that helping people live their passion is my passion!

Start making your dream happen with more ease and less struggle -
Please Rush my copy of I Can’t Believe I Get Paid To Do This right away!

“As America’s Dream Coach®", I applaud this great book. Stacey has captured the essence of what makes people successful in living out their dreams and shows you how to apply these proven strategies to your own life.”

Marcia Wieder
Author of Making Your Dreams Come True

Are you ready to live your dreams and
support yourself in style?

That’s what it’s all about for dreamers - and there is a way.

I know what it feels like to have a dream but be afraid that pursuing it might mean losing what you already have.

I know what it feels like to have others rain on your parade and to get so discouraged that you not only doubt your dream, but you start to doubt yourself as well.

And I know what it’s like to know what to do, but still not be able to get yourself to take action.

Fortunately you’ll have the advantage with I Can’t Believe I Get Paid To Do This!

     You’ll learn meaningful, practical success principles (not just nice quotes or sound bites) that WILL help you pursue your passion, grow your business your way, create powerful, positive family connections, and have more fun and ease in life.

     You’ll experience a blended approach – learning from a variety of people, understanding what worked for them and why, selecting the pieces that make sense for you, and then support from the Dream Queen as you try it on for yourself.

     You’ll get to shortcut your own learning curve by applying proven strategies from regular, everyday people, just like you, who went on to create remarkable success.

     You’ll be guided by essential coaching questions to help you access your own inner wisdom, accurately evaluate decisions at critical points, and help you stay focused on what’s most important.

     And you’ll develop your own, personalized success road map, including critical action steps – action steps with flexibility so they can be adapted to you and YOUR dreams easily.

I Can’t Believe I Get Paid To Do This! is a book for dreamers.

It’s a book for people who want more than the status quo…
people who know more is possible.

It’s a book for the non-traditionalists of society…
people who are willing to stretch themselves.

It’s for people with an entrepreneurial or creative spirit who want to climb to new levels
of success...people who think differently.

     And it’s a book for people like you who not only want to do what they love…but also want to get paid for it.
Paid well, in fact.

     This is good news, because ultimately dreamers are the ones who get paid really well to do exactly what they love!

     So if you’re a dreamer, you are in good company.
And if you’ve made it to this page, then you are in GREAT company because you are just about to make a change.

      You are about to learn what separates the people who squeak by doing what they love and the people who literally SOAR when pursuing their passions!

     Follow these principles, and you’ll be well on the road to achieving whatever dream you set your sights on.

Yes, Stacey! I'm Ready to start making my dream happen with more ease and less struggle!
Please Rush Me my copy of I Can’t Believe I Get Paid To Do This! right away!

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• BONUS 1: Top Ten Tips to Succeed in Any Economy
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• BONUS 2: Top Ten Steps to Building Confidence
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"I Can't Believe I Get Paid to Do This! On our best days, soloists repeat this mantra to ourselves, marveling at the fact that we actually get paid to do the work we love. Author Stacey Mayo has used a similar phrase as the title of her new book that features a collection of contemporary entrepreneurs and the 26 strategies their work and lives can teach us.
I think the part I enjoyed most was the principle, "Be Like Gumby: Stretch Beyond Your Comfort Zone."

Whether you're on your own, or know someone who's ready to make the entrepreneurial leap, this book is worthwhile."

Terry Lonier, Workingsolo.com

"The timing could not be more perfect for me to be reading your book after having left my corporate job to live out my dream of being my own boss. It serves as a guidebook and daily inspiration to succeed at doing what I love. Thank you, to you and all the individuals who contributed their stories."

Karrie King, Optimal Living Feng Shui

"One of the smartest paths to ‘extreme success’ is to learn from people who have achieved it. You get to do just that by listening in on Stacey’s private conversations with highly successful people from a variety of fields. Stacey’s intuitive ability to ask the right questions is fantastic. Consider yourself lucky to have Stacey as your Dream Coach.”

Rich Fettke
Author of Extreme Success


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Yes, Stacey! I'd love to know more about
Living Your Dreams, The Companion Guide to I Can’t Believe I Get Paid To Do This!

The comprehensive exercises in this workbook are designed to take you even further down the road to making your dreams a reality. Once you have successfully implemented these strategies, you will have learned some tools that you can continue to use in making all your dreams come true for the rest of your life.

The exercises in this workbook are the same exercises we used in the Living Your Dreams coaching group. You can now complete these exercises at your own pace at a fraction of the cost.

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All my best!

Stacey Mayo

P.S. There has never been a better time to make your dream a reality. Why delay it any longer? Eliminate procrastination, shorten your learning curve and get the support and guidance you need starting today. If you are unsure, read sample excerpts from this book for yourself.

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